Toronto Sports and Fitness Weight Lifting Belt with Bonus Training Plan – Strength Training Workout Equipment for Men… Price: $15.00 (as of 10/04/2023 03:59 PST- Details)

[ QUALITY, OUR TOP PRIORITY ] —> Sturdy genuine leather weightlifting belt with heavy duty steel double prong buckle allows you to create more intra-abdominal pressure keeping core tight for your heaviest lifts. It’s designed flex with perfect stiffness allows poundage with max comfort.
[ ELEVATE YOUR TRAINING ] —> Designed as a performance progression tool with added benefits to safety and proper form. When used correctly will help increase strength, muscle mass and explosive power while continuously progressing and breaking limitations.
[ HOW TO USE A WEIGHTLIFTING BELT THE CORRECT WAY ] —> Our short easy to understand manual with scientific references will explain the science behind weightlifting belts, what to avoid to prevent negative effects and teach you proper technique used by strength weight training professionals that needs to be applied with a weight belt in order to maximize intra-abdominal pressure. It requires more than just putting it on.