Inkstone Volleyball Bracelets with Motivational Sports Quotes Silicone Rubber Wristbands Price: $17.95 (as of 10/04/2023 04:22 PST- Details)

Pack of 12 volleyball bracelets with motivational sayings for athletes and fitness professionals, volleyball fans and volleyball lovers. These fashionable volleyball accessories will fit into your active lifestyle; they are comfortable to wear, and will not snag or add unnecessary weight to your wrists. Wear them comfortably while training and working out, and be encouraged by the positive, motivational messages that are inscribed on the bands.
This 12-pack of bracelets includes an assortment of 4 different motivational themes (3 pieces of each): Push Your Limits, Believe in Yourself, Focus on Your Goals, and Determination. Use them to spread inspiration and motivation, and to boost your team spirit.
Conveniently packaged in bulk, these volleyball bands are designed to provide you with an instant gift solution when you need volleyball gifts for your entire volleyball team, or party favors for your volleyball themed party. Give them away to volleyball players, volleyball moms and dads, and coaches. This party pack of 1 dozen wristbands will leave your party guests and gift recipients with a volleyball keepsake that they will actually want to wear and keep.