19 Great Peter Jackson Quotes For Creative Success

A highly acclaimed director and screenwriter from New Zealand, Peter Jackson has a very impressive career. He is most popular for his movie adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien’s novel trilogy Lord of the Rings, which won 17 Academy Award and received 30 nominations. It later became the biggest blockbuster trilogy in cinema history, earning the staggering sum of $2,9 billion worldwide.  This selection of great Peter Jackson quotes will show you why he made it and will motivate you to chase your own dreams.

Without having formal education training in movie-making, Jackson started making short films on 8-mm camera as a child. He went from a child enthusiast to a highly respected self-taught director and screenwriter and fulfilled his childhood dream of making a King Kong movie.

He was born on October 31, 1961, in Pukerua Bay, New Zealand, a beautiful coastal town. “Our house was on the edge of a cliff that sort of plummeted right down into the ocean,” Jackson recalled. “It was a children’s playground, an adventure playground.”

He grew up in a great environment to experiment with his creative passion and spent most of his time and attention on it.

In his early teens, Peter Jackson started making original movies with whatever he had at disposal. “I did like a World War II drama film with friends of mine in old army uniforms—kids with big helmets and uniforms that don’t fit very well—running around, dug trenches in my parents’ garden.”

In conclusion, Peter Jackson started exploring his passion for making movies in childhood and kept working at it relentlessly. What motivated him to keep going all this time?

This collection of  great Peter Jackson quotes will show you what it takes to explore your creativity:

19 Great Peter Jackson Quotes For Creative Success

  1. “To me, fantasy should be as real as possible. I don’t buy into the notion that because it’s fantastic, it should be unrealistic, because I think you have to have a sense of believing the world that you’re going into.” Peter Jackson
  2. “It’s all about his determination. You never, ever, give up once you start something, once you’re on the trail of something you don’t stop and that’s what you have to go through when you’re making a movie too. Once the train’s rolling, you have to stick with it.” Peter Jackson
  3. “Filmmaking for me is always aiming for the imaginary movie and never achieving it.”  Peter Jackson
  4. “As a filmmaker, you want nothing more than to have people say, ‘I love your movie’.” Peter Jackson Quotes
  5. “Actors will never be replaced. The thought that somehow a computer version of a character is going to be something people prefer to look at is a ludicrous idea.” Peter Jackson
  6. “Once upon a time, sound was a new technology.” Peter Jackson Quotes
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  7. “Every film is a challenge. I always say that making a movie is like film school – you’re always learning. But unlike most schools, you never get done with it. You never learn everything.” Peter Jackson
  8. “And so I look back on not just the last ten years but everything that I’ve done as being sort of an ongoing growing continual film school. I mean I don’t think I’ve got to a point where I’ve achieved anything that feels like, a particular milestone, but there’s still a lot more to learn and hopefully a lot more films to make.” Peter Jackson
  9. “In every house, when the curtains are drawn, there’s a story going on, and you never get to hear… You get the public side of things, the happy, smiling, social activities.” Peter Jackson
  10. “Structure is important in film, but there’s often structure to be found in the most unlikely of places! It’s quite possible to build a structured story and retain idiosyncrasy.” Peter Jackson
  11. “To get an Oscar would be an incredible moment in my career, there is no doubt about that. But the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films are not made for Oscars, they are made for the audience.” Peter Jackson Quotes
  12. “What I don’t like are pompous, pretentious movies.” Peter Jackson
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  13. “I was bullied and regarded as little bit of an oddball myself.” Peter Jackson
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  14. “It is now such a complex society in terms of media. It just comes at us from every direction. You kind of have to push it all away.” Peter Jackson
  15. “Everybody’s life has these moments, where one thing leads to another. Some are big and obvious and some are small and seemingly insignificant.” Peter Jackson
  16. “Defeat is always momentary.” Peter Jackson  Quotes
  17. “I just got to the point where I literally didn’t want anyone else to do it.” Peter Jackson
  18. “The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.” Peter Jackson
  19. “Remember, pain is temporary; film is forever.” Peter Jackson


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