6 Essentials for Everyday Adventures

Not all adventures require complicated planning or ambitious goals. Sometimes, the best everyday adventures happen in between our busy lives—a killer sunset on the drive home from work, a midday hammock nap, or an impromptu game of frisbee in the park. With this list of six essentials that you can keep in your car or in a grab bag near your front door, you’ll never miss out on the opportunity for spontaneous adventuring.

Durable Blanket 

An outdoor-specific blanket has more than one use in your adventure kit. When the sky is clear enough for stars or a sunny day invites you to bask in the park, use your blanket to pad the ground. Or when temperatures drop at camp, wrap it around yourself to retain body heat. Any blanket you don’t mind getting dirty will do, but we recommend one that won’t tear or collect dirt. And blankets with a water-resistant polyester shell on one side to keep moisture from seeping through are always major crowd pleasers.

Headlight or Lamp

When the sun goes down, adventure doesn’t have to end. A headlight or lamp will help you light the way and navigate your surroundings in the dark, whether you’re setting up camp in a snap or heading out for a spur of the moment night hike. Pack a light that has enough lumens to illuminate remote areas, floodlight and spotlight beam options, and a lengthy run time. Toss some extra batteries in your kit to ensure your headlamp never runs out of juice.

All-Purpose Tumbler

When you’re shuffling between work, home, other responsibilities, and adventures, on-the-go drinkware is a must. The refillable, cupholder-friendly Hydro Flask All Around™ Tumblers makes it easy to bring your favorite smoothie or caffeine pick-me-up along for the ride on any impromptu adventure. The Hydro Flask All Around™ Tumblers come with closable press-in lids, double-wall vacuum insulation, and dishwasher-safe powder coating for the ultimate on-the-go functionality. Keep it compact with the 12 oz tumbler or increase your beverage carrying capacity with the 28 oz tumbler.

Sturdy, Multi-Functional Shoes

If you’re open to it, you never know where an impulsive outing will take you. Having a pair of closed-toed shoes with a sturdy outsole at the ready will make it easier to climb the stairs of a local overlook or hiking through the forest to access a creek. Swap your work shoes or sandals for a pair of do-it-all boots. The key here is to go for a transitional style so the boots look as good exploring the trails as they do paired with jeans for grabbing dinner in town.

Solar Device Charger

Prevent your phone battery from getting to the dreaded 1% while you’re just trying to enjoy life. A fully charged phone allows you to invite friends or at least alert them of your whereabouts when you make a detour to follow the call of spontaneous adventure. A charger that’s powered by the sun is an especially convenient option when you’re spending time outside. Choose from models that fold up for easing stowing in your backpack or options that clip directly to the outside of your pack to charge as you go. Bonus: always having enough power means always being able to document the adventure and share your pictures with friends later.

The Perfect Daypack

When your impromptu adventure involves venturing away from your car or home, a small backpack will make being ready to go at a moment’s notice so much easier. You’ll be ready to bring everything you need for the journey along with you, whether it’s a walk in your city or through the woods. That same pack will also come in handy for organizing and storing everything in your adventure kit so be sure to choose a pack with enough capacity to fit everything: blanket, tumbler, headlamp, shoes, and charger. 

Since 2009, Hydro Flask has designed gear that happily goes where you do and stays the perfect temp til the outdoor adventure is over. Today is wide open. And we’re up for anything. #HeyLetsGo

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