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The past two years have felt like one giant buzz kill, particularly when it comes to travel. With a pandemic raging, it doesn’t exactly feel safe to sit on a plane with a bunch of strangers for hours on end. Add in airport restrictions, overcrowding, gargantuan lines at the terminal, and flight delays and cancellations plaguing airports all over the country, and it’s easy to see why many would-be travelers often choose to stay home. But commercial flights (and their attendant hassles) aren’t your only long-distance travel option. In 2022, you should consider a new way to travel by air: Aero.



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Aero is a new semi-private jet service currently offering premium seats on direct flights between Los Angeles and destinations around the U.S. and Mexico (it also has a hub in London that offers service to Milan, Nice, and Geneva). These flights are as good as it gets when comes to efficiency, personal safety, comfort, and overall luxury. With service to some of the most in-demand destinations in the country (like Aspen, CO and Las Vegas) Aero flights offer routes that’ll suit just about any travel-hungry person looking to get out of town this year. But it’s about the journey, not the destination: Traveling with Aero is totally unlike your average commercial flight.

With an Aero flight, there’s no getting herded aboard with hundreds of other people, and no standing in line, either. Every plane features spacious, ultra-comfortable leather seats, and an all-star concierge team is available to tailor your trip to your needs.

Want a custom drink waiting for you when you get to your seat? They can do that. Need a ride from the terminal once you land at your destination? They’ll book it for you. Have a rental car you need to pick up? They’ll have it waiting for you in the parking lot as you arrive (and even return it for you when it’s time to head home).

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And the best part? No major airport headaches. You simply park your car at a private terminal, walk up to the check-in desk to get your boarding pass, and you’re ready to board your flight. There are no security lines, no taking off your shoes and belt, and no searching through a crowded terminal to find a place to sit before you board. The check-in process is low-contact, and the Aero team meticulously sterilizes every jet before you board. Every flight is clean, safe, comfortable—and way more pleasant than any commercial jet you’ve flown in.

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Aero is an especially great option if you’re traveling with kids. On our recent trip from LA to Sun Valley, ID, the staff went above and beyond to make the flight a real treat for us and our two small children. The wide array of unlimited complimentary food and drinks was definitely a hit. The menu features gourmet chips, cookies, popcorn, jerkies, candies, and nuts, as well as craft cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks, and juices. The Aero staff will even make you a custom beverage upon request—try getting service like that in economy class.

For travelers used to flying in cramped quarters, the seats on an Aero jet are one of its most impressive features: They’re ultra-cushy, with ample arm and leg room, and the plane’s layout features just one seat on either side of the aisle. Ever had a window and aisle seat at the same time? We hadn’t either, but it was certainly the best of both worlds. Overall, the ambiance inside the cabin on our trip was superb; the Aero experience takes “first class” to a whole new level.

Currently, Aero flies to ten destinations across North America: Aspen (ASE), Vail (EGE), Jackson Hole (JAC), Las Vegas (LAS), Los Angeles (VNY), Los Cabos (SJD), Miami (MIA), Salt Lake City (SLC), the San Francisco Bay Area (NUQ), and Sun Valley (SUN). Fares start at $950 one-way—a bit steeper than business class on a comparable commercial flight, sure, but definitely worth it when you’re sick of schlepping with your average airline.

If you’ve been reluctant to get back on a plane, Aero offers something you won’t find anywhere else: a truly stress-free flight.

To browse flights and get more info, head to the Aero website.

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