Best Orienteering Gear to Gain an Edge in the Woods

Orienteering gear is similar to what any outdoorsman would need in the wilderness. If you’re unfamiliar with the sport, you creatively navigate challenging terrain, hitting predetermined checkpoints, trying to finish with the quickest time—all by just using a map and compass. It’s a really fun way to spend some time in the woods, plus it gives you a decent mental challenge along with lots of great aerobic exercise.

You have to plot out your course by studying the terrain to find the path of least resistance to get to each checkpoint. Also called a control point, it’s what you mark on your map and is represented, in reality, by an orange-and-white flag and punch. The physicality comes in by having to bound and dash through whatever terrain the course is set on, which requires stamina, sturdiness, and speed. To do that successfully, you’ll want to be outfitted in some of the best new woods-worthy orienteering gear, like we’ve gathered here.




Strap on the Octane hydration pack from CamelBak to sip water on the go.
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1. Camelbak Octane Dart 50 Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is key when running contour lines through a forest, and Camelbak’s Octane Dart 50 Hydration Pack is a minimal, lightweight (7 ounces) way to carry plenty of agua. Easily accessible front pockets can be packed with energy gels or bars, and the pack comes with the new Crux reservoir to deliver 20 percent more water per sip.


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The unique Ombraz sunglasses eschew temples for tight-fitting bungee cord.
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