Best Tips, Websites, and Whiskey Clubs to Buy Rare Whiskey

3. Caskers

For bourbon fans, Caskers is a good resource to check frequently, and sometimes the prices aren’t stupefyingly prohibitive. For example, you can find a bottle of Blanton’s for less than $200 or Weller 12 for less than $300—not cheap, of course, but manageable for some. Pappy, BATC, and Birthday Bourbon are going to range into the thousands, but hey, at least they’re in stock here.

4. The Bourbon Concierge

This Bourbon Concierge is not just for collectors, but also for those looking to legally unload their private collections of unopened whiskey. This means there are a range of rare bottles from various years and brands, including the usual suspects mentioned previously as well as bottles of WhistlePig Boss Hog, Mic Drop, and Angel’s Envy. Best to visit often, as many of these bottles are on the verge of extinction.

5. Scotch Malt Whisky Society

This well-known whisky club is a boon to those who love rare single malt scotch, offering bottles that you won’t find anywhere else of single cask and cask-strength malt whiskies. The Vaults Collection is where you’ll find high-end bottles, but the rest of the website offers a more affordable range of whisky to try from many different distilleries, some familiar and others not so much. Members have access to benefits that include a chance to sample lots of different bottles and access to club locations in the UK.

Happy hunting.

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