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Another surreal holiday in the books, for those of us in the US that is.

I hope you all had a love-filled day yesterday, even if that love was sent from afar.

I was 3,000 miles away from my family, though fortunate to be with my boyfriend’s parents.

After I ate way too much tofurkey and pie I spent a little time reading all the comments on this week’s giveaway post, and I felt both sad for all the pain so many of you have endured this year and inspired by your strength and wisdom.

I know that for many, 2020 has brought an onslaught of disappointment, struggle, stress, and loss. And for others it’s been a continuation of years of pain, just with a totally new flavor.

I know a Mindfulness Kit won’t magically make everything better, but if I could give one to everyone who entered, I gladly would.

Since I unfortunately don’t have the means to do that, and I know many of you commented that the kit would be helpful to you, I’ve decided to do what I believe to be the next best thing.

My Offer to You

From today until Monday, November 30th, I am giving away my bestselling Recreate Your Life Story eCourse as a free bonus to anyone who purchases a Mindfulness Kit.

The course usually sells for $97, and from what I’ve been told it’s helped many people create major internal and external change.

I created this course several years back because I wanted to share what helped me move forward and transform my life after years of depression, bulimia, and self-loathing.

I distinctly remember a time when I felt particularly lost and hopeless, and I couldn’t imagine ever feeling excited about my life, or proud of myself. My story felt like cement encasing me—like a trap of infinite victimhood and failure I could never possibly escape.

Then one day, when I was looking for hope, but doubtful I would find it, I stumbled across a quote that changed everything for me:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.”

I haven’t had many sudden epiphanies in my time—I’m generally a slow learner when it comes to life’s biggest lessons—but this one hit me like a ton of feathers to the face. (Same weight as a ton of bricks—you know, a ton—but far less painful!)

I realized then that I didn’t have to be defined by any of what I’d been through, or what I’d done in response. Instead, I could focus on what I was going to do next, and in doing so shift my narrative from pain and shame to healing and pride.

My life could be defined by my next choice, and my next choice didn’t have to look anything like the ones prior. And not only did my future not have to look like my past, I could change how I saw my past—and myself. I could literally rewrite my story through the power of perspective and paint myself not as the victim or villain, but as the hero.

That’s what this course is all about. It’s about choosing to view yourself and your life through a more empowering lens so you can take back the reins and live the story you want to live from this point forward.

It’s about replacing despair with hope and self-judgment with self-compassion and moving forward on a new path that excites you, as someone you feel proud of.

I think after this year we could all use a little help to move forward, stronger not in spite of what we’ve been through, but because of it.

I believe this course can help with that, which is why I’m offering it as a free bonus with the kit.

I also believe the kit is a nice complement to the course. With four aromatherapy-based products, a daily mindfulness practice guide, and three expanded digital guides, it can help you find a calm center within you as work on letting go of the past and creating a new narrative for yourself.

About the Mindfulness Kit

The products include:

  • A Soothing Bath & Shower Gel
  • A Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On
  • A Relaxing Pillow Spray
  • A Lychee Flower Scented Candle

The digital guides include:

  • How to Make Your Shower Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenating
  • 5 Breathing Exercises to Calm & Focus Your Mind
  • How to Do a Bedtime Body Scan for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

I designed this kit to help make mindfulness fun and relaxing so that we’re better able to make it a habit. Self-compassion is a huge part of the course, and I can’t think of anything more self-compassionate than taking a little time to simply be. Without the weight of our worries, fears, judgments, assumptions, and grievances.

How to Get Your Kit and the eCourse

1. First, you’ll need the Mindfulness Kit. You can grab one here.

2. After you complete your transaction, you’ll receive a purchase confirmation email. Forward that to me at and I will personally send you a promo code for the course within 48 hours, along with instructions to get signed up.

3. Once you sign up for the course you will have lifetime access and can start whenever you’d like!

If you purchased the kit recently, I am happy to honor this offer for you. Just forward me your purchase confirmation email and I will send you a code.

I am sorry to say that the kit is still limited to the US, but I do plan to offer international shipping at some point, and when I do, I will extend this offer again for those of you outside the states.

I hope the kit and the course bring you all a little peace, a lot of hope, and abundant possibilities for the future!

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