How to Elevate Your Holiday Drinking With Breckenridge Distillery

This article was produced in partnership with Breckenridge Distillery 

Some of the best gifts are experiences: a dream vacation, a Michelin-star meal, an unforgettable concert. Drinking whiskey at the distillery where it’s made can be an amazing experience too—but what if you can’t get there?

When it comes to Breckenridge Distillery, that’s not a problem. Billie Keithley, the “liquid chef” at the internationally awarded distillery, says anyone can experience the most important part of its hospitality at home by taking the time to enjoy Breckenridge spirits—especially after a day of outdoor fun.

“These are beautiful sippers—nice spirits for sitting by the fireplace,” Keithley says, noting that while Breckenridge’s whiskeys and gin stand alone as neat pours, they’re also ideal for cocktails. Keithley uses ingredients as diverse as brown butter and pine sprigs to create her drinks, which range from light and fruity to spirit-forward and dark.

“When I start mixing and balancing a cocktail, I’m trying to elevate that profile, and accentuate the spirit,” she adds.

Elevation is key to both Keithley’s recipes and the spirits themselves. Located at 9,600 feet above sea level, Breckenridge Distillery is the world’s highest. The elevation impacts the maturation of its whiskeys and other brown spirits, and the pure Rocky Mountain water it uses is its secret weapon.

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“We’re getting snowmelt that’s filtered, with perfect minerality for our spirits,” Keithley explains. The mineral-rich water not only allows the purest flavors of the spirits to shine, but adds essential texture, too. That velvety “chew” you get on a sip of Breckenridge Bourbon? That’s the water working its magic.

Whether you’re a fan of bourbon, gin, or a softly spiced whiskey, there’s a Breckenridge spirit—and perfect holiday cocktail recipe—to suit your tastes and elevate your holiday entertaining. Keithley’s top advice: Use quality ingredients, ice, and glassware—and have fun!

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