Runner’s Gift Guide: Accessories and Essentials

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Runners love socks and we’re not ashamed to admit it. In truth, any running accessories that embellish a runner lifestyle are always gratefully received. With that in mind, here is our choice selection of essentials that will undoubtedly spark joy for any runner on your list.

Best Accessories and Essentials for Runners

UD Mountain Vest

Ultimate Direction Mountain Vest 5.0 | $165

Different adventures call for different hydration and fueling strategies, which is why it’s nice to have a versatile pack like this Mountain Vest from Ultimate Direction. Front pockets hold two water bottles, plus the main pocket can comfortably hold an additional water bladder, if needed. With the abundance of medium and small pockets this pack has, we can pretty much guarantee it will hold whatever you might need for a long run or hike.

Salomon Soft Flask Bottle
(Photo: Courtesy Salomon)

Salomon Soft Flask | $13

Every runner should own a small flask like this 5 ouncer from Salomon. It’s great for aid-station refills during a race or stashing in a hip pocket on a trail run. Pair it with the XA Filter Cap, and you can safely drink from mountain streams and leave the bulkier hydration systems at home.

Osprey Handheld Bottle
(Photo: Courtesy Osprey)

Osprey Duro/Dyna Handheld Bottle | $35

For handheld hydration, we prefer small and lightweight. This handheld from Osprey is both, holding about 360 ml of liquid in a soft flask. The handle strap also includes a small zipper pocket for your essentials and is easy to grip whether you have big or small hands or are left- or right-handed. Sometimes it’s the simple designs that get it right.

Janji Sling Bag
(Photo: Courtesy Janji)

Janji Multipass Sling Bag | $52

This cross-body bag from Janji stays in place and bounce-free thanks to an additional strap that comes through underneath the armpit. The bag holds 2-liters in volume, perfect for a phone, keys, gels, chapstick, sunglasses, and other running essentials. And true to Janji style, it comes in classic neutral colors or unique artistic patterns.

Feetures Socks

Feetures High Performance Cushion Socks | $45 Bundle

Runners are a rare breed that will actually appreciate being given socks, so long as they are high quality. We recommend stuffing their stockings with Feetures High Performance No Show socks so they can enjoy blister-free running. Made from moisture-wicking fabrics, these socks are designed with comfort in mind with additional cushioning in high impact areas and no agitating toe seam.

Stance Running Socks

Stance Running Socks | From $10

There’s no reason running socks need to be boring. For the runner who likes to have a bit of fun with their fit, these performance running socks from Stance do their job as a great running sock, but come in fun prints and color-combinations to keep spirits high.

Currex Insoles
(Photo: Courtesy Currex)

Currex Runpro Insoles | $60

Dialing in any running shoe with a quality insole is an investment all runners should consider. The Runpro insoles from Currex were designed specifically for runners with shock absorption in the heel, arch support for stability, and propulsion material in the toe. A charcoal mid-layer also means they won’t hold on to the stink as much as others might. There are three versions for every instep height to keep your foot secure to deliver comfort and longevity in the long run.

Miir Coffee
(Photo: Courtesy Miir)

Miir Coffee Pour-Over Kit | $119

Coffee is a natural ritual for many runners. We love the process of brewing a cup of rich pour-over coffee. The temperature tracking precision is on point for this quality pour over set, which is minimalist in design and build. There’s no better way to start the day than with a great cup of coffee. Bonus: pair with Southern Weather by Onyx Coffee from Arkansas.

Forest Ridge Shower Kit
(Photo: Courtesy Juniper Ridge)

Juniper Ridge Forest Gift Set | $40

The obligatory post-run shower or bath becomes decadent and relaxing thanks to these gift sets from Juniper Ridge. Included in each is an 8-ounce body wash, essential oil, and 20 incense sticks available in five scents: coastal pine, white sage, Cascade forest, desert cedar, and Christmas fir. We recommend the Holiday set to set the mood of the season.

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