Take Your Screen Everywhere With the XGIMI Elfin

Home movie projectors are the bomb, but with a catch. They’re either super-expensive behemoths or conveniently cheaper and compact with noticeably inferior audio-visual quality. Enter the XGIMI Elfin, and you finally get the best of both worlds—a light, compact projector (about the size of a book) with a crisp, vivid picture and outstanding audio provided by onboard Harman Kardon speakers. Adding to the convenience, this two-pound wonder will stream from a smartphone. Simply connect it to the internet and enjoy most online movie platforms, including Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, etc. for a fraction of the usual home projection cost, size, and weight.

Watching from a laptop is also a snap with the XGIMI Elfin. Just pair the projector via Bluetooth and cue up your favorite shows; AI-powered image correction instantly finds the optimal screen size on your wall of choice. Plus the projector auto-keystones every time you move it, assuring a distortion-free rectangular image. Whether tonight’s movie night is on the bedroom wall or in the backyard with friends, Elfin maintains image with 800 ANSI lumens that power FHD resolution for sharp, colorful images well beyond 10 feet wide, accompanied by excellent sound.

The projector is easiest to pair with an Android device, but will also mate with an iOS phone and computer. To mirror your laptop screen, you can download Airscreen from the Apple App Store. On Android, download Google Home to connect with the projector.

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The Elfin comes with a slim remote control that lets you skip episodes, easily move around on the screen, and type in passwords for swift internet and video account connection. You can also bypass the remote and just use the Android TV app to control the projector.

Super transportable, the Elfin brings superior audio-visual where you need it. Stash it in a backpack or briefcase. Bring it to the classroom or work for audio-visual presentations that will never fail to impress.

The Elfin is clearly a personal projector. This one’s not designed for IMAX-sized streaming or projection from great distances. But when it comes to enjoying movie quality shows without staring at a laptop or feeling confined to the TV room, there’s no better looking choice right now for your eyes and wallet.

[$649; xgimi.com]

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