The King Mentality – All Men Need To Hear This

Many people think of a KING in a negative sense… a tyrant… a ruler… someone who looks down on the people… but a REAL KING is a LEADER.

A real king doesn’t look down on other people… he RAISES THEM UP. A real King doesn’t want to control people, he wants the BEST for all people. He SERVES the people.

The real King is FAIR and HONEST. He hides nothing from those he serves. He lives in INTEGRITY… whether people are watching or not, whether the world will find out of not, he always acts in the best interest of ALL.

The real King brings CALM and ORDER to situations through fairness, justice and logic.

The real KING doesn’t envy anyone because he is secure in who he is. The real KING compares himself to NO ONE because he knows we all are unique and individual.

All men have KING energy within them, but very few bring that energy into this world. You may not be the King of a country… but you can bring the King energy to those you love… every single day.

You can bring the King energy to all those you come into contact with. In your home, in your workplace, in your community.

You can raise others up. You can search for the good in others and bless them by pointing out those qualities.

You can bring decisive fairness to every situation. You can act in the good of ALL.

If you’re the boss of a team, don’t ask what your team can do for you – ask how YOU can serve your team – how can you build them up. You get the best out of people not by ruling over them, but by TRUSTING THEM, by RAISING THEM UP. If you can do that, you will gain respect, and you will see people who will fight WITH you – people who will give you their ALL.

The world needs more KINGS. More true kings. The world needs more MEN who act with integrity, men who mean what they say and say what they mean!… Men who don’t hide ANYTHING – Men of integrity.

The world needs more men who see the good in others, particularly in younger men. Younger men are starving for that kind of strong, positive influence from older men – blessing and praise from the King energy – the Father figure.

Look for the good in others. When you find it. Speak it. Bless them by telling them. Watch them GROW from that blessing. Watch them RISE.

SERVE those you love. Don’t ask what they can do for you, STAND UP with your King energy and ask yourself HOW CAN I SERVE THEM? How can I build them up? How can I make them shine. Not only will this make their life better, it will make yours better. It will create relationships that few experience. It will create FAMILY, whether blood or not – that will stand by your side forever.

Live with integrity, honour and DIGNITY.

Leave a legacy of someone who RAISED others up. A lover of the people. A man for all. A King.

This speech was inspired by the King Archetype in the great book, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. See also the WARRIOR MINDSET.

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