The Post-Run Beer Fit for Recovery

As a runner, you probably spend winter months logging chilly miles or hitting the treadmill to get ready for one thing: summer running season, when we can trade puffy jackets for t-shirts and toe the line at races and runs we’ve had our eyes on since last season. When you ramp up the mileage, knowing a cold beer is waiting for you back at the car is crucial for motivation on long runs. The only problem? Alcohol can end up undoing the hours of hard work you put in and leave you feeling less ready to tackle your next run. But there’s a beer that doesn’t require sacrificing a post-run happy hour in favor of your summer running goals. Enter Athletic Brewing’s new Athletic Lite non-alcoholic beer. Here’s why Athletic Lite is a favorite of runners who don’t want to compromise recovery.

It Helps You Rehydrate

After finishing a run, there’s nothing better than opening the cooler and sipping on a tasty beverage to replenish yourself after a hot, dry run. Not to knock water, but Athletic Lite is a much tastier option. And since it’s non-alcoholic, it functions in the same way by actually helping to rehydrate you. (That’s not the case when it comes to alcoholic beer, which is diuretic that increases urine output and can make you feel more dehydrated.) To rehydrate and have a good time, Athletic Lite is runners’ easy-sipping drink of choice. 

The Taste Is Top-Notch

Some brands of non-alcoholic beer have a reputation for tasting like, well, not beer. Not the case when it comes to Athletic Brewing. The Athletic Lite non-alcoholic beer is what we call a sport’s beer—a brew so light you can drink it all day while playing outside or after crushing a long run. It’s a great-tasting non-alcoholic alternative that’s made from simple ingredients: water, organic malt, organic rice, organic wheat, hops, and yeast. Bonus: one can weighs in at only 25 calories!

You Deserve to Celebrate

At Outside, we believe celebrating your efforts—whether that’s by enjoying a beer at the trailhead or giving your running buddy a high-five—is just as important as the run itself. Post-run beers are a well-deserved time to connect and socialize with friends after a long run or just have a quiet moment to ourselves to take it all in. But celebrating shouldn’t come at a cost to being our best selves. Having a light-bodied, craft beer that has none of the alcohol is a great way to be able to have a drink with friends while also prioritizing our health and fitness goals.

Refueling with Carbs Is Never a Bad Thing

Bottom line: carbohydrates are good for runners. Carbs help your body replenish its glycogen stores, which fuel both performance and recovery. While runners should consume carbs throughout the day, one of the most effective times to consume carbs is 30 minutes following a run. Athletic Lite has 5 g of carbohydrates to get you going. (Some of the heavier Athletic varieties have even more!) When you’re done with your run, you can have a non-alcoholic beer (or two or three) that’s working for you, not against you. 

You’ll Be Ready for Tomorrow

Recovering well leads to better performance, which means taking care of our body and getting a good night of sleep is crucial. Alcohol disrupts both sleep and recovery (RIP summer running goals.) A non-alcoholic beer, such as Athletic Lite, lets you wake up hydrated and refreshed—with no hangover or other negative effects of drinking—and feeling ready to get back outside and tackle your training again tomorrow. 

At Athletic Brewing Company, we are pioneering a craft revolution. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ability to be at your best to enjoy great beer – so, we created our innovative lineup of refreshing, non-alcoholic craft brews. Learn more about the athletes who love Athletic Brewing and how you can enjoy non-alcoholic brews without compromising your performance.

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