Your Outside+ Membership Just Made Your TV a Whole Lot Cooler

If you’re an Outside+ member, it’s probably because you recognize the considerable value it unlocks for anyone who includes “Be outdoors as much as possible” among their life goals: A world of expert advice on gear and skills from titles like Climbing, Backpacker, Beta (our new mountain biking title), storytelling that inspires, and apps like Gaia GPS and Trailforks Pro that aid any adventure. But all of us—even the most ambitious and relentless—have one thing in common: a couch.

Sometimes, you need a place to lean back, reset, and live vicariously through someone else’s adventures. And now Outside+ makes that easier, too.

As of today, an Outside+ membership gets you access to Outside TV and its world-class library of adventure sports films and television series. That’s more than 600 hours of wild accomplishments, jaw-dropping visuals, and the odd satisfaction of watching someone else battle the elements for a change.

Ride mountain bikes? “Blood Road” is an award-winning, documentary about one woman’s bike-bound search for her father’s past on the battlefields of Vietnam. More of a climber? You’ll find the annual Reel Rock independent film series, in handy episodic form. Backpackers get inspiring tales like “Highline”, about five friends battling demons, and one of the most challenging trails in Utah. Oh … you’re a skier. All OTV can offer you is several decades worth of Warren Miller movies, not to mention some of the recent greatest hits from Teton Gravity Research and Matchstick Productions. And fans of all-around sufferfests will enjoy shows like SAS, which puts amateur athletes through British special forces training and “Beat Monday”, where off-the-couch adventurers attempt to shoehorn ridiculous objectives into a single weekend.

To access all this visual goodness, Outside+ members just need to download the Outside TV app and log in with the same credentials you use to login into this website. From there, your phone, tablet, or TV becomes a portal to the kind of adventure best enjoyed sitting down. Possibly with popcorn. And if you’re not an Outside+ member…why aren’t you an Outside+ member?

Learn more about Outside+ here.

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