20 Powerful Self-Care Quotes to Help You Feel and Be Your Best

Hi friends! I decided over this long holiday weekend to give myself a break for some much-needed self-care, which I imagine we could all use right now.

We’ve all been pushed, stretched, and challenged this year. We’ve all given our all, done our best, and perhaps wondered at times if it was good enough.

That’s the thing about difficult times—we often make them so much harder by expecting a lot from ourselves, pushing ourselves, and beating ourselves up when we fall short.

We expect ourselves to always be happy. Or productive. Or confident. Or present. Or there for other people.

We expect ourselves to always be at the top of the game even if we sometimes put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list.

But we can’t possibly be all of these things all the time, because we’re not perfect, we’re human. And to be human is to be messy, inconsistent, and full of contradictions. To have days when we knock it out of the park and days when we stare at the park from our window. In pajamas. With chocolate stains. If we even make it to the window at all.

If you can relate to any of what I wrote above—if you hold yourself to a ridiculously high standard, push yourself to the point of exhaustion, or drain yourself trying to be everything for everyone—take a few minutes to reflect upon these twenty self-care quotes. Read them, absorb them, carry them into your day. Because you deserve a break. And you need it to feel and be your best.




















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