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On sale: End of 2025 in a TBD model

Exterior of silver electric SUV
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Volvo EX90

Don’t be fooled: This is not a six-passenger XC90. It’s Volvo’s entirely new 2024 EX90, and the flagship of Volvo’s all-electric lineup. Volvo, a longtime leader on safety, and more recently on superb interior and exterior design, may not have been as quick to take up the mantle of electrification as, oh, Tesla, but as a relatively small carmaker they’re jumping as quickly as they can toward making only EVs. The EX90 will be an AWD luxury rig almost surely as covet-worthy as the extant XC90.

That formula starts with safety, naturally, and the EX90 will come standard with multiple laser, radar, lidar, visual, and sound sensors, all to aid the driver and help the vehicle stay on course or avoid accidents. Volvo says its lidar sensor can see 800 meters down the road, ID’ing if an object is a human or animal to be avoided, a stalled car, or other hazard. Years ago, Volvo demonstrated high-tech driver monitoring, and even the ability to steer a car to safety if a driver becomes incapacitated. You’ll likely see that capability come to life in the EX90.

Interior dashboard of vehicle with large touchscreen
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In addition, Volvo has worked very closely with Google on in-car tech, which the carmaker says will reach a yet higher tier with Google voice, mapping, apps, and navigation all standard. The EX90 only comes with AWD, with either a 402 or 496 horsepower version. Either way, range should exceed 300 miles, thanks to a 111-kWh battery which can refuel with DC fast charging from 10 to 80 percent in 30 minutes. While 5G comes standard, you might want to upgrade to the Bowers & Wilkins audio system with 25 speakers because, obviously, it’s going to sound amazing.

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