Even 'Fitness Fanatics' Love This Amazon Ab Roller That's Under $20 Right Now

Take advantage of the double discount while you can.

The secret to achieving any sort of fitness goal is consistency while also maintaining good form and using various workout tools. Anyone who’s focused on building abdominal muscles and strengthening their core should look into adding an ab roller to their exercise routine. The good news is, they aren’t very expensive. The better news is, we found the popular Vinsguir Ab Wheel on sale with a double discount on Amazon right now.

With two grip handles and an extra-wide wheel, this ab roller is more stable than others on the market. It has a stainless steel shaft that holds up to 500 pounds of body weight and won’t shift side-to-side so you can focus on your form instead of holding the wheel upright. It even comes with a small knee pad that should be used to support your joints during workouts and make using the wheel more comfortable. It’s also relatively lightweight and measures only a foot long, making it great for travel and taking to the gym.

Not only is it marked down, but there’s an on-site coupon for an additional $6 off, bringing the price down to just $20 for a limited time. Make sure to apply the coupon before pressing “add to cart” to ensure you’re taking advantage of both deals. 


Get It: Vinsguir Ab Roller, $20 (was $34) on Amazon

We aren’t shocked that this model is backed by more than 13,000 perfect ratings considering how well-made and affordable it is. One shopper described it as “super sturdy for all the big boys trying to work out their abs” and added that it’s “such a noticeable change” from their old one. Another person said their son, a “fitness fanatic,” loves it too.

After just one use, you might feel the burn more than you would from a regular set ofsitups or crunches. The Vinsguir Ab Roller takes any ab workout to a whole new level and is “worth every penny.” 

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