Halle Berry, 57, Stuns While Posing in Lingerie in the Desert

Halle Berry has been appearing on the big and small screen for over three decades. The Oscar-winning actor isn’t slowing down any time soon, as the 57-year-old is balancing working in Hollywood with her full-time job as a mom to two children. On Dec. 17, Berry took to Instagram to show she looks just as good in her fifties as she did when she first debuted three decades ago. 

Sitting on a boulder in the desert, Berry wrote with a winking emoji that she “couldn’t hide these rocks.” She’s barefoot in the photo and wearing a black lace and mesh lingerie bodysuit. 

While it might have been posted as a thirst trap, some commenters were focused on another part of the photo rather than Berry herself. “Literally nobody sees the three giant mounds of human shit?” one person asked. “Seriously, why post that photo with the shit in it?” Berry had a simple answer: “Why not? It is what it is.”

Other followers also noted the questionable lumps on the ground in the photo. “Crop the [poop] that’s right in front of you out of this pic though,” one person said, to which Berry replied “I’ma let nature be nature!” Another asked what kind of poop it is, and she stated plainly “I don’t know and didn’t care!!! Nature is where my heart lives!”

Berry went on to clarify that it wasn’t her excrement next to her feet. “I’ma say it was a wild animal,” she said. “A human is not out there shitting!!!! Just saying.”

Not exactly what you think of when you think of “sexy.”

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