Hodinkee’s 10/10 Event Could Score You a Rolex

Gas, used cars, free-range eggs—prices have been skyrocketing across the board with today’s rampant inflation. Quality watches are no exception. These days, the chance to score a really nice timepiece at a normal-ish retail price has all but vanished, especially in the higher-end market. So how do you buy your next family heirloom watch these days without mortgaging the farm? Enter the Hodinkee 10/10 Event. Horology’s prime website for all things watches is launching its first-ever retail holiday event. Offering access to 10 pre-owned—and highly sought-after—Rolex watches at retail prices, this may be the biggest deal (literally) of the year for watch-lovers.

Why is Hodinkee doing this? One of the company’s missions is to make the world of watches a better place (for everyone)—and, in doing so, provide better access to timepieces of all prices and styles. So, on October 10th—a nod to that photogenic time in every watch ad, 10:10—Hodinkee will be offering 10 percent off the price of all pre-owned watches on Hodinkee and Crown & Caliber, plus all straps, accessories, tools, and books. The main event is access to those 10 standout Rolexes priced at retail.

You can get a chance to pick up a pre-owned Rolex like this one at Hodinkee's 10/10 Event.
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Hodinkee will announce these Rolex models at 9 a.m. ET—with each watch coming up for sale in surprise order at every hour throughout the day (starting, of course, at 10:10 a.m.). Hodinkee stresses that to have a shot at them, you’ll need to download their app and log into your community account (or create one, if you’re a first-time user). They’ll then send you a push notification when each Rolex becomes available. At this point, it’s let the Rolex-buying games begin—first come, first served. Yes, the company has promised to make the event bot-proof, so the sale should go to whoever is genuinely quickest on the draw. That lucky individual will likely save tens of thousands of dollars over “suggested” retail.

Part of Hodinkee’s goal to open access to rare timepieces that most folks would otherwise never be able to afford or find, the special event will also celebrate the website’s timeless editorial work over the years since it was launched in 2008 by CEO Benjamin Clymer.

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