How To Buy Saitama & What Makes It Special

This article was last updated on April 15, 2022

Saitama is one of the memecoins that made a lot of noise back in 2021 when it launched. However, enthusiasts are once again trying to bring attention to the project in 2022. Because of that, there’s a new audience looking to explore the Saitama ecosystem. Doing research is always necessary when deciding whether to buy a token like Saitama or not, which is why we have all the basics compiled here.

The reason why Saitama began bringing attention to itself is because of its utility. Nowadays, memecoins are popular, but memecoins with utility are even more popular. An example is the Shiba Inu Coin ecosystem.

In addition to showing you how to buy Saitama step-by-step, we will be covering the fundamentals of the project. This will give you more confidence when making your final decision. Because, who knows, there might be a better project for you to look at.

When looking to stand out from the rest, a project needs to find a niche. The founder of Saitama decided that the niche of the network will be education. However, once more developers started working on the project, the next step was to expand on that.

Things are a bit complicated for cryptocurrencies that go for the status of a memecoin. Although it brings them exposure, many investors will not take them seriously. Especially ones that are not too into crypto. This is because they mainly hear the antagonistic side of things.

All of that can affect the network negatively and impact the price evaluation. Yet if you can ignore that memecoin status and actually research such projects, you will surprise yourself.

How To Buy Saitama – Summary

Use the following steps as a guide to becoming an owner of Saitama:

Buy Saitama on Binance

  1. Find a decentralized exchange (DEX) that offers Saitama.
  2. Create a crypto wallet (preferably Metamask).
  3. Configure crypto wallet ot Ethereum mainnet.
  4. Buy Ethereum from any major crypto exchange.
  5. Transfer Ethereum to your Metamask wallet.
  6. Exchange Ethereum for Saitama in the DEX of choice. Done.

Since this is a more complicated process than that of regular altcoins, we suggest reading our extensive guide below.

What Is Saitama & How It Works

As we already know, Saitama is a memecoin, which is not that surprising. Saitama actually has a whole ecosystem built around the token. It is community-driven, therefore so is the token. The official website states that the main purpose of the network is to develop solutions for the next generation to make investing in crypto a safe choice, and an easy one at that.

According to Saitama’s whitepaper, it is focusing on investors part of “Generation Z” (those that are born 1996-2012). The reason for that is because according to research, more than 93% do not understand or feel confused about finances. Saitama’s team strongly believes that we are in the early stages of a financial revolution, which is yet to be massively adopted.

Additionally, and more importantly, they believe it will give the majority of the population an equal chance of reaching financial freedom.

Although it is still in early development, it already has its own functional crypto wallet – SaitaMask, which we will talk about in a moment. Other developments we can expect according to the roadmap are educational content in the form of TV and Radio interviews, a SaitaMart (marketplace), and SaitaMaker (NFT).

According to the roadmap, it is currently at stage 3 with 2 more left to go. Although at stage 3, part of stage 4 is also being worked on (SaitaMask is part of it).


SaitaMask is looking to solve the problem of how hard it is to obtain altcoins that have yet to be listed on major exchange platforms. According to the official documentation, the wallet will also be a payment system allowing you to buy, sell, transfer, and swap cryptocurrencies. All of this can happen within the app, which is very easy to use.

Buy Saitama on Binance

Additionally, within the app, it is easy to analyze your investments, gains, losses, and portfolio, using one of many tools that will also be helping you make financial decisions (somewhat of a bot).

Because the Saitama network is aiming to educate, the SaitaMask will also have the SaitaEdutainment platform connected directly to it, for easy access. However, it does not limit itself to one interconnection. It will also look to implement the SaitaMaker, SaitaMarket, and any further apps that come with the development of the network.

Naturally, this also means that you will be using the SaitaMask as a direct payment method within all Saitama applications.


With the surge in popularity of NFTs, the Saitama developers believe it is important to give everyone an equal chance of succeeding in the market. However, they are also looking to level up the process and ease of access.

This new approach allows the developers to produce a launchpad platform. The reason why it is supposedly unique is that it will allow Saitama holders and users of SaitaMask to “create, launch and promote their projects”, with the addition of property related to the NFTs. In this case, you can imagine that buying an NFT will also make you the owner of a real-life physical item.

At the time of writing, there are no updates regarding the release date. However, we will be keeping a close look at any news that comes out and let you know.


Although we all know that investing in crypto can be profitable, it is actually not easy to liquidate your assets. Or, you actually don’t want to liquidate and want to keep your crypto. This is where SaitaMarket comes into play. It is looking to allow users to pay for everyday needs and items using Saitama. It is supposedly going to be available only within the SaitaMask application.

At this point in time, there are no updates regarding the release date of the SaitaMarket either. Hopefully, we will be seeing news in the foreseeable future. As always, we will keep you updated.


Saitama is looking to stand out from all the other crypto networks by providing unique educational content. As the official website states, educational content is at the core of the ecosystem.

The platforms will focus on teaching youngsters, or anyone, how to save, invest, and overall manage their money. This includes educating how to create wealth opportunities for one’s self.

The multi-channel platform will also allow any content creator to provide educational content and profit from it.

Once again, there isn’t much information regarding the release date of the platform.


There’s a total of 100 quadrillion Saitama coins, 56.3% of which are already burned. 4% of the supply is being used as a liquidity resource, and the other 45% is currently in circulation.

In order to shrink the existing supply and keep raising the value of Saitama, the network burns 2% of every transaction. It is then redistributed to the rest of the holders, but gone from the unowned supply. As you might guess, this is a type of passive income for holders of the token.

What is interesting is their “anti-whale trap” programming of the ecosystem. It is supposedly going to prevent those with a lot of tokens from manipulating the price of it. This includes dumping all their tokens, but there is no information on that.


The original founder of Saitama is not known, staying true to the nature of memecoin creators. By looking at the whitepaper we can get some more information. The network was launched in May 2021 with the vision of becoming an educational platform. A month later, the Saitama token was also made public. However, due to personal reasons, the founder had to pass the baton, stepping away from Saitama.

At that point, a group of enthusiasts who believed that this is a great goal took over. You can see the main team that works on the project on their website. 40 more developers are helping them bring the future.

A crypto YouTuber – Steve@RocketCrypto – was the head of the project, but he is no longer shown on the website, so we have no information if he still holds that position or not.

Price Analysis & ATH

In order to understand the current price evaluation of a token, we first must get to know its price history. Because Saitama came to life not even a year ago, this one’s going to be short. Keep in mind that there are many other factors that come into play when looking at the current price of a token. The most impactful ones are currently the ongoing military conflicts in eastern Europe and the financial discussions in the West.


18th of June 2021 is the first day the Saitama token saw daylight. However, there wasn’t any hype at that time, so it kept moving sideways for a couple of months before any changes arrived. At that time, the price of the token was around $0.00000000007, 10 zeroes if you are wondering.

Then on the last day of July, the price went up to $0.0000000038, which is 2 zeroes less than before. That was the first time people noticed the token through Reddit posts and YouTube videos. Of course, right after that, the price dropped, but the best was yet to come.

At the end of October, the price once again surged, reaching $0.000000015, which is one less zero than before, so 7 in total. Following that the price went sideways for a couple of weeks and that’s when the big spikes started coming.

In November, the Saitama reached its all-time high of $0.00000016 – only 6 zeroes. Put in perspective, you can imagine a token that was worth $1 and was now $10.000, which was quite the gain.

However, from hereon after, everything went downhill. The year finished with Saitama being worth $0.000000047, which contains 7 zeroes past the decimal point.


With the beginning of the year 2022 nothing went right for the people, so what’s left for the crypto market. Once the conflicts worldwide are resolved, we firmly believe the market will see a completely new bull phase. However, for now, things are not looking bright, not even for Saitama.

Buy Saitama on Binance

The first days of Saitama saw a 2x increase in price, but it quickly started falling. The fall seems to be infinite, because even today, the price keeps dropping. This is the case with most altcoins nowadays, aside from the ones within the top 50 (mostly).

Saitama is currently evaluated at around $0.00000001, which is very close to adding yet another zero. That will be going back to 8 zeroes, from the astonishing 6 zeroes it saw just a couple of months ago. Once again to put in perspective, if you had invested $100, you now would have $1.

Is Saitama A Good Investment

With the current situation of the crypto market, many are wondering whether Saitama is worth buying or investing in. The question is simple, the answer not as much. It will mostly depend on your perspective. However, we will try looking at it objectively.

Buy Saitama on Binance

Although Saitama has potential, that is certainly not enough, when it comes to cryptocurrencies. As we know, marketing, execution of promises, adoption rate, and utility are more important. Additionally, luck also comes into play. We can go on and on about many other factors as well, but these are the most basic ones.

There are two ways to look at the current situation of the crypto market.

The first one is that the bear market will remain, thus the prices of most cryptos will keep going down. This will be true if the ongoing military conflicts in Europe proceed for a longer period of time, or escalate. More specifically, if they escalate, it will get a major crash once again. In this case, you have to decide whether or not it will be worth investing, and even if you believe it is a good idea, you will probably have to wait a long time before the prices go up again.

The second option is that the conflicts in Europe will definitely conclude somewhat peacefully, and nothing escalates. In this case, the crypto market will enter its bullish phase, thus – regenerate. If that happens, it is a good idea to purchase crypto now, since the prices are quite low.

However, there is also the possibility that Saitama will remain unknown, as it currently is at #2895 place by market cap.

In conclusion, there are probably better options than Saitama right now, however, if you believe in the project, investing is probably the way to go.

How To Buy Saitama – In-Depth

Buy Saitama on Binance

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Buying Saitama is not as easy as one might think. It is one of the many cryptocurrencies that need to be purchased by exchanging another token for it. In this case, the best way to buy Saitama is to exchange ETH for it.

  1. Find an exchange that offers a Saitama swap.

    Currently, the most popular methods to buy Saitama are UniSwap v2, Gate.IO, Sushiswap, ShibaSwap (courtesy of Shiba Inu Coin network), MEXC, and others. You will have to choose the one, most suitable for you, as each one has different fees and conditions.

  2. Create a crypto wallet.

    Although this could’ve been the first step, it really makes no difference. You will need a crypto wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens since Saitama is one. The easiest one to set up is the Metamask wallet, and more importantly, it supports Saitama tokens.

  3. Configure your Metamask wallet to the Ethereum mainnet.

    Before you can add any Saitama to your Metamask wallet, you will need to make sure it is configured correctly. To do that, you will need to open your account tab and select the “Settings” option in the top-right. In there, click on the “Networks selection” button and “Add Network”. Here, you will need to paste Ethereum’s contract details, which can be found on CoinMarketCap.

  4. Buy ETH to swap for Saitama.

    Now that your crypto wallet is all good to go, you will need to buy ETH, so you can swap it for Saitama. As Ethereum is one of the top cryptocurrencies, you can find it on almost any crypto exchange platform. A platform that is easy and quick to use is eToro, which offers Ethereum.

  5. Transfer ETH to your Metamask wallet.

    You must now transfer your ETH to your crypto wallet. Different platforms have different methods of doing so. For example, if you got your ETH from eToro, you will need to head to your portfolio page. From there, select ETH as the token for transfer. An option “Transfer to wallet” will be shown. This will transfer ETH to the native eToro Money (crypto wallet), for which there is an app. Once you’ve done this, transfer the ETH to your Metamask crypto wallet.

  6. Buy Saitama.

    Since Uniswap is the most used platform to purchase Saitama, we will give an example with it. First, head to the Uniswap exchange page. Following that, choose that you want to exchange ETH for Saitama. This is quite simple, as ETH is the default crypto option.

    On the 2nd row, you will have a “Select a token” option, where you will need to type in Saitama. Once that’s done, you will be asked to connect a wallet. In there, you will have to choose the Metamask option.

    Now select the amount of ETH you wish to exchange for Saitama. This will trigger a Metamask pop-up, asking you to confirm that you allow Uniswap to exchange ETH for Saitama. Click “Confirm” and you should see the expected amount of Saitama in your Metamask wallet.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s been a bumpy ride for the crypto market for the last couple of months, many projects seem to be looking to push their limits. Because let’s face it, many developers can sell off the tokens of their own project and run away to a safer option. However, most are not doing that. In fact, the majority are taking this opportunity to work even harder.

This applies to Saitama as well, because the developers keep working and pushing new features almost every month. Although there’ve been changes in the roadmap within the past 6 months, there’s been nothing major. If the project keeps going at the same pace, who knows what can happen.

Although it is far away from the spotlight of the crypto world, what they are trying to do is quite unique. If you believe they can succeed, then this might be the right time to buy Saitama, as the prices are quite low. However, the final decision is all up to you.

We’ve made sure to give you all the fundamental information about the project. If you were curious about the project, then now you know how it works. And if you simply wanted to know how to buy Saitama, you now know how to, as well.

If this piqued your interest, we suggest checking out our Poocoin article, which is a similar memecoin.

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