Jerry Rice on His Favorite Record and His Super Bowl Pick

Jerry Rice will always be associated with the San Francisco 49ers. After all, he was the team’s star wide receiver on three Super Bowl-winning teams. But Rice also has a soft spot for this year’s team. That’s why he’s picking them to win the Super Bowl.

“At first, I had my San Francisco 49ers in there,” Rice said when we asked for his prediction. “And I’ve still got my San Francisco 49ers.”

Of course, Rice isn’t counting out last year’s Super Bowl winners, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or their quarterback.

“You know Tom Brady. He doesn’t go away,” Rice said, laughing.

At 2-4 for the season, the 49ers have a way to climb back into contention, but Rice is keeping the faith.

“I’m probably not thinking straight, because it’s Tom Brady, but I’ve still got to go with my San Francisco 49ers. I feel like they’re going to work it out.”

Life after the NFL

He officially retired from NFL in 2006. But 15 years later, Jerry Rice is still the first name you’ll see in much of the NFL record book. When we asked about his favorite, he mentioned passing Jim Brown’s touchdown record.

“I feel that Jim Brown was one of the greatest football players to ever play the game, so I was honored to have the opportunity of breaking his record.”

Even though he retired in 2006, Rice still maintains a strong workout regimen.

“I do a lot of CrossFit, I do a lot of Peloton,” Rice said. “I challenge myself every morning.”

Rice says his former teammates can’t believe the 59-year-old hasn’t gained a pound since his playing days, but working hard is in his DNA.

“Every morning, I get up and I’m determined to be the best that I can possibly be.”

Currently, the Mississippi native is teaming up with Quaker Oats to help tackle hunger in the U.S. Along with Drew Brees and Jerome Bettis, Rice is helping to promote the Quaker Good Call Challenge. Quaker has committed to donating $125,000 to Feeding America and is asking others to join them through the Quaker Good Call Challenge.

“I feel that no one should go hungry,” Rice explained.

Now through December 31, they’re asking people to collect spare change (an old oatmeal canister works perfectly) around the house. Then, take them to a local Coinstar kiosk and select a Feeding America donation.

To learn more about the Quaker Good Call Challenge, go to Quaker’s Instagram page or post to social using #QuakerGoodCall to encourage others to participate in the challenge.

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