Save $238 on a New Fire Pit Today

Looking to spend more time outside now that the warm weather and spring have arrived? It’s one of the biggest benefits of the season, and if you plan on spending more time outside, you should consider adding the Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table into the mix. Best of all, it’s discounted by 54% at Wayfair.

Even in the spring and summer, it can get a little chilly when the sun goes down, and you need some warmth to keep the party going. The Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table will do just that, and unlike other fire pits that require wood or a lighter, this features an integrated propane tank for a strong, consistent flame all night. This also makes clean-up a snap and pushes any worrying about ash cleanup to the side.


Another great benefit of the Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table is that the propane tank is hidden. It doesn’t stand out when you are using it, but rather lives hidden in the base of this fire pit. There is an edge all around the pit, which lets you easily place drinks down while sitting around the fire. Thanks to that steel and tile design, it fits in with any backyard’s look as well.

It’s also not humongous, with the dimensions coming to 24” H X 30” W X 30” D. That won’t take up too much real estate in a backyard and gives you plenty of room to gather around it. In every way, this is a convenient item to have in your backyard.

At the regular price of $440, this Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table is a good value, but scoring it for 54% off at $202 is too good to pass up. So if you want to get your backyard ready for some summer hangouts, you should head on over to Wayfair right now and get one while the sale is still live.

Pick up the Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table ($202; was $440) at Wayfair


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