Sennheiser's Latest Soundbar Delivers 3D Immersive Audio in a Compact Build

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Make no mistake: as TVs have gotten higher-tech panels for a more visually immersive watching experience and the thickness has shrunk, room for speakers to create pitch-perfect audio has dwindled.

Luckily, soundbars can fix that with a simple connection. Sennheiser has been in the audio space for years, and their newest entry in the world of soundbars ensures robust audio with a wide soundstage regardless of how much space you have.

The AMBEO Soundbar Mini from Sennheiser is the world’s most immersive compact soundbar that will deliver thrilling audio for the latest episode of Ahsoka on Disney+, your favorite action film, or even reality TV.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini, $800 at Sennheiser


With a $799.95 price tag, you might wonder what tech backs this compact soundbar up, and Sennheiser isn’t messing around. Inside the AMBEO Soundbar Mini are two front-firing full-range drives, two corner-firing drivers, and two 4-inch woofers for the well-rounded mix. Of course, Sennheiser is using its audio expertise and a custom mix to deliver a full 7.1.4-channel virtual surround sound.

All of this comes together for a rich mix that should delight, but what impresses is the 3D virtualization technology exclusive to the AMBEO soundbar. During setup, it will calibrate to your specific room and listen during playback through built-in microphones to virtually place elements of the mix around you.

For instance, with a space flick, you’ll feel the rumble as the flying ship moves from left to right. It’s more immersive, and the sound produced matches properly with whatever you’re watching. Sennheiser has a powerful processor inside, software, and algorithms that combine to mix this virtual surround sound in real time.

Even if what you’re watching isn’t mixed for a 7.1.4 system, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini can convert stereo or a more basic 5.1 mix into a 3D experience. You can also adjust the virtualization between boost, standard, or light levels.

The best part about the AMBEO Mini is that it can create this rich, room-filling sound experience from an ultra-compact unit. This soundbar is just 27 inches long, 4 inches in depth, and under three inches in height. It can fit comfortably in front of most TVs and easily fits on any home entertainment cabinet.

Of course, when you’re not watching a film or a TV show, you can also cast audio from your smartphone, like your favorite album or the latest pop track, for playback. It even supports Sony’s 360 Reality audio standard, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X. It can also be used like a Google Home or Echo smart speaker with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant built-in. You’ll get full control over the mix with customizable EQs and all these smart interfaces via the companion app for Android or iOS.

Simply, if you’re looking for immersive, rich, and big sound to compliment your home entertainment setup but don’t want an ultra-long soundbar cluttering things up, Sennheiser’s AMBEO Mini is the perfect solution

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