Snoop Dogg Debuts New Dog Wear Line, Snoop Doggie Doggs

Snoop Dogg just dropped his new dog wear line, the appropriately named Snoop Doggie Doggs. The pet wear line, which has a few feline options, was created in partnership with SMAC Entertainment and Little Earth Productions, Inc., a sports-focused fashion accessory and apparel manufacturer. The line’s designs mine heavily from his own style.

“If my dogs ain’t fresh, I ain’t fresh. These dogs and their apparel are a reflection of Tha Dogg himself, so they gotta look the role of a Top Dog, ya dig?!?!” said Snoop Dogg.

Large dog wearing a Snoop Dogg jersey on an off-white background.
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The range of pet accessories is extensive and covers everything from dog apparel, plushies, bowls, leashes, collars, and more. Standouts include jerseys like the ones Snoop rocks on stage, collars with gold link chains printed on them, gold- and silver-colored bowls adorned with chains, a mini boom box plushie, a pet hat complete with braids on each side that mimic Snoop’s iconic hair style and, of course, a huge joint plush toy. The variety of collections include names like “Off The Chain,” “Boss Lady” and “Throw a Dogg a Bone.”

“Snoop Dogg was, without a question, the most fitting and amazing partner we could think of in the dog and pet space,” said Rob Brandegee, co-founder of Little Earth Productions, Inc. “Snoop’s personality and authenticity are undeniably evident in our creative pet product offerings, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the new Snoop Doggie Doggs brand with you ahead of the holidays—it’s the perfect holiday gift for pet owners this season.”

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