The Ultimate Hydro Flask Gift Guide

What do the river-runners, skiers, backpackers, campers, foodies, and all-around adventurers in your life have in common? They all have to eat and drink. And odds are, they prefer doing so outside. That’s why Hydro Flask might be the perfect one-stop shop for your entire adventure posse. To make your gift-hunting easy this year, we’ve rounded up the ideal item for everyone on your list.

For Campside

Small cups are not great for car camping. That french press java needs to get insulated—and quick. Hydro Flask’s 24 oz Mug is the fix. It’s big enough to fit the entire morning’s worth of coffee, and a sliding hatch on the press-in lid makes it spill proof. A cozy soft-touch finish makes it comfortable on those chilly mornings when it’s not quite cold enough for gloves.

For Trailside

Hot and cold beverages aren’t just luxuries in the backcountry, they help you regulate your body temperature as you move through nature. The ultra-utilitarian 32 oz Wide Mouth is way more than a water bottle. Vacuum insulated and tough as the trail, thanks to its full stainless steel construction, the Wide Mouth is compatible with most water purifiers too.

For Riverside

Heading out for a mellow float with dreams of a beach picnic next to some remote eddy? Hydro Flask’s 8 L Insulated Lunch Bag is down for the journey. It’s big enough to feed a family, and keeps food cold for hours. Handy haul straps make it portable and slick pockets inside and out let you pack napkins and cutlery.

For Tableside

Eating outdoors doesn’t have to include single-use landfill junk, Hydro Flask’s Outdoor Kitchen line of products lets you pick and choose exactly the quantity of bowls (with lids), tumblers, flatware, plates, and serving utensils you need for the crew. Toss it all in the 34 L Outdoor Tote and it will save you time when it’s time to head to that overlook, far off picnic spot—or the backyard.

For Slopeside

Ripping powder inbounds is about as athletic as skiing gets. To keep at it, you need to stay hydrated, but skiing with your pack can bog you down. Here’s our answer: Stash Hydro Flask’s 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle near the chairlift so you can chug water—or tea with honey—between laps. The powder coated finish tends to keep the bottle from icing up, and Hydro Flask’s years of insulation know-how will keep hot beverages hot—even if the bottle is laying in the snow.

For Inside

The best outdoor athletes know that you need to take some time for yourself now—indoors with a yoga mat or a foam roller—so you can recuperate before the next adventure. Hydration is key to that effort, but you don’t need technical gear, Hydro Flask’s big 32 oz Tumbler with the press-in lid keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours, and is cup-holder friendly for your jaunt to the gym or studio.

For Outside

Living an outdoor life means gaining self sufficiency. For those that hold plastic water bottles in disdain, there’s the 32 oz Wide Mouth with Straw by Hydro Flask. The straw lid means you can sip as you drive to the trailhead—or travel overseas. And TempShield™ insulation keeps cold beverages icy for up to 24 hours. Big bonus for the international travel crowd? The Wide Mouth fits most water purifiers.

Since 2009, Hydro Flask has designed gear that happily goes where you do and stays the perfect temp til the outdoor adventure is over. Today is wide open. And we’re up for anything. #HeyLetsGo

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