These Lucky Brand Jeans Deserve To Be Added To Your Wardrobe

Looking to get some new jeans for your wardrobe? Then look no further than Zappos, where you can get these Lucky Brand Jeans right now.

No matter the season, a good pair of jeans is always a classic look. They’re acceptable to wear for pretty much any occasion, other than events like a marathon or a wedding. Finding a great pair of versatile pants can be hard to without shelling out a fair amount, though, which is why we were excited to see the Lucky Brand 181 Relaxed Straight Jeans on sale at Zappos right now.


Get It: Lucky Brand 181 Relaxed Straight Jeans ($90; was $99) at Zappos

There are all types of trendy jeans with different kinds of cuts, but if you want a classic pair that fits just right, the Lucky Brand 181 Relaxed Straight Jeans have you covered. Cut straight, they are a no-frills package, just good ole fashioned jeans. But that simplicity can be more effective style-wise than a more high falutin pair.

Made from high-quality 100% cotton, the denim of these jeans are really comfortable on the skin. You won’t feel constricted in them, nor will they feel irritable on the skin. You get good mobility in them so you can go about your day with ease. And that denim gives them a really good look. You can rest easy knowing you got a good-looking pair of pants on when you wear this out of the house.

No matter the pricing, the Lucky Brand 181 Relaxed Straight Jeans are a good pair of pants to pickup. But with a sale bringing them down in price just a tad, the purchase should be even easier. A pair of comfortable and stylish pants from a great brand at a great price? Hard to argue with that.


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