These Were the Most Googled Sex Questions of 2023

The subject of sex was mystifying for many people before the internet came along, particularly those wondering about specific things such as what body part goes where or whether certain types of discharge are normal. Of course, now, thanks to Google, the answers to our deepest, darkest inquiries are just a click away.

To get a better idea of exactly which sex-related topics people had on their minds in 2023, Google released a list of the top 10 most searched sex questions of the year, provided to Cosmopolitan UK. Although the data is specific to our friends across the pond, it gives us a general enough picture of what queries were trending over the past 12 months.

Starting off, the top most searched question people were dying to know about was “What is speed bump sex position?” which began trending after Love Island contestant Tom Clare remarked that it was his favorite sex position. For the uninitiated, the move is similar to doggy style, except that the woman lies face-down with a pillow under her hips to raise her pelvis.

From there, people wondered if you can have sex while pregnant. And by the way, you absolutely can, but may want to consult with your doctor first. The third-most searched question was “What is sex positivity?” which involves a positive attitude towards sex without shame or stigma. 

After that, in number four, people wondered why they bleed after sex. While some bleeding is normal, this is another question best left for your doctor.

In fifth place people asked how many dates they should go on before having sex. Of course, though navigating a new relationship can be tricky, that answer varies depending on what an individual or couple is most comfortable with.

Check out the top 10, below:

  1. What is speed bump sex position?
  2. Can you have sex when pregnant?
  3. What is sex positivity?
  4. Why do I bleed after having sex?
  5. How many dates should you go on before having sex?
  6. How many calories do you burn during sex?
  7. How long after a miscarriage can you have sex?
  8. What is anal sex?
  9. Why do I have no sex drive female
  10. How do fish have sex?

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