This Destination Is Reimagining Fitness and Recovery

Whether you’re a busy professional or a passionate skier, cyclist, or runner trying to push your physical limits, you’re a champion in your own right. And your fitness and recovery routines should reflect this. SIRO, a new and immersive lifestyle destination, couldn’t agree more. Building on its foundation of bio-hacking pillars; fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindfulness programs, SIRO has tapped the expertise of renowned athletes and wellness specialists to deliver world-class experiences for guests and gym members. With its inaugural hotel, SIRO One Za’abeel, opening in Dubai in 2024, SIRO will soon be unveiling the future of fitness and recovery. To learn more about SIRO and its revolutionary offerings, we talked to some Team SIRO pros shaping the programs: Ramla Ali, fitness expert and professional boxer, and Jonah Kest, mindfulness expert and yoga instructor. Here’s what they had to say.

Yoga practice with Jonah Kest
SIRO One Za’abeel will be Dubai’s first fully integrated fitness and recovery hotel. (Photo: SIRO)

Outside: What excites you about your partnership with SIRO?

Ramla Ali: With our shared commitment to inclusivity and well-being, partnering with SIRO is a natural fit. In the male-dominated realm of boxing, I’ve strived to create an environment where women feel accepted and encouraged to participate. SIRO will work to mirror these ambitions with hotels and platforms that welcome everyone to enhance their well-being and positively impact their physical and mental health.

Jonah Kest: The connection between mind and body is a way of life, and I’ve dedicated my work to sharing this lifestyle with a wider audience. I want to teach the SIRO community that a few small changes to their everyday lives can make a huge difference. A deeper, more meaningful practice, daily emphasis on cultivating gratitude, and meditation are just a few things that I hope to introduce to the SIRO community. 

What does well-being mean to you?

RA: Well-being is about looking after oneself from the inside out. It’s more than getting fit or improving your physical health—which are, of course, still important. Wellness is also about focusing on your mental and emotional health, which, to be honest, is a huge factor that can impact your overall performance. That’s why I’m super excited about SIRO One Za’abeel. It will offer so much more than a gym experience, with complimentary therapies like breathwork and meditation, as well as rooms that will enhance and encourage a good night’s rest. 

JK: Well-being is multidimensional. It’s just as much mental as it is physical. This is why we need rituals that touch these different aspects of our lives. SIRO’s mission is to support each guest’s journey as they learn how to integrate well-being into their routines. SIRO One Za’abeel will elevate anybody’s well-being through nutrition, physical fitness, and recovery. Let’s make these things essential!

Boxing with Ramla Ali
Ramla is a British-Somali professional boxer, Olympic athlete, and founder of the Sisters Club. (Photo: SIRO)

How are you using your skills and experience to help SIRO develop its one-of-a-kind fitness program?

RA: I’m excited to work with the SIRO team to develop programs and experiences that go beyond traditional fitness routines. Together, we aspire to create an atmosphere where guests can learn how to master valuable fitness habits and leave with essential tools to live more active and healthy lifestyles. It’s about fostering a community that embraces well-being for everyone, breaking barriers just as we’ve done in the world of boxing.

Mindfulness with Jonah Kest
Jonah Kest is a professional yoga instructor, teaching students of all levels and backgrounds. (Photo: SIRO)

How are you using your skills and experience to help SIRO develop world-class mindfulness and recovery programs?

JK: It’s an honor to work alongside SIRO to develop a wellness and mindfulness program like no other. We are creating more than stylistic classes here—these will be experiences that leave guests feeling truly connected. Community is at the forefront, and we hope to create immersive experiences that allow guests to feel lighter and freer in the mind and body. Yoga for me has never been just about flexibility. We are creating unique yoga offerings that specialize in everything, including strength, flexibility, balance, and meditation. These components will allow guests to build a foundation for other athletic SIRO offerings.

SIRO is a new immersive lifestyle and hospitality brand from Kerzner International. Designed to offer guests a holistic fitness and recovery experience, SIRO’s destination hotels support guests to unlock their mental and physical potential through five key pillars: fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindfulness. More information is available at

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