This Folding Ebike Is the Ultimate Piece of Car Camping Gear

You’ve just arrived at your campsite, popped up your rig, set out your tent, or laid out your sleeping mat in the back of your car. You’re getting comfortable, and getting ready to start cooking your favorite camp dinner. Suddenly, you realize you forgot to get a second jug of water… Or maybe it was a lighter, or spare batteries for your headlamp, or that six-pack of beer you’ve been craving all day.

Regardless, we’ve all been there. In situations like these, no one wants to rearrange all their gear back in their car just to drive five minutes down the road to the nearest gas station.

Enter the foldable Sinch Ebike from Aventon.

“I’m suddenly way more mobile and able to explore for miles all around me without having to move my home on wheels,” said vanlifer Lisa Jacobs of Vacay Vans.

With a 20 mph top speed, the Sinch can more than handle its own on service and frontage roads. Meanwhile, the 40-mile average range means it’s not just a stellar solution for last-minute jaunts into town for supplies. It’s equally useful for accessing remote trailheads or simply seeing the great outdoors on two wheels. 20″ x 4″ fat tires and a front suspension fork provide reliable stability on gravel and rugged trail, and the backlit LCD display tracks speed, electric-assist level, distance covered, and distance remaining on charge.

“Aventon’s Sinch allows me to get from photo location to photo location within all the national parks I visit,” said outdoor photographer Jared Brown. “As someone who relies on the light for photos, I need to be able to get up and go quickly, and Sinch allows me to do that.”

Thanks to five levels of pedal assist plus full-throttle capability (in other words, you don’t need to pedal at all), you can hop on the Sinch and go for a ride at any time, even if you’re utterly exhausted after a long day of hiking. And when it’s time to pack up and hit the road to your next destination there’s no need for a bulky, expensive bike rack, the Sinch folds completely in half with two quick-release clamps, so you can stash it in your trunk in an instant.

For car campers of all stripes, the Sinch changes the game. It provides the perfect middle-ground between exploring on foot and car travel. Combining the ease of motorized transport with the eco-friendly nature of e-power and the portability of a folding bike.

Car camping just got a lot more fun.

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