This is the Best Upgrade You Can Make to Your Adventure Truck

The key to getting on the road quickly? Organization. The secret to resting easy with expensive gear in your truck? Security. The method to maximize space in your bed? A flat load platform. By providing all three of those features in a single product, the DECKED Drawer System enables you to get the most out of your truck—and the most out of every trip.

Picture yourself in camp. All of a sudden you need a tool. Maybe a tent is being fussy, maybe your raft frame is a bit loose. If you have a DECKED system, all you need to do is drop your tailgate, pull a handle, and reach for your toolkit. No need to lift anything else you’re carrying out of the truck. No need to spend a bunch of time shuffling gear around so you can reach the furthest depths of your bed. DECKED even offers a variety of soft bags and hard boxes that perfectly match the dimensions of its drawers. Devote one to tools, put your cooking gear in another, pack all your fishing gear in one of the small D-Boxes or smaller Crossboxes. That way, packing for a trip or switching between activities becomes seamless and everything you need remains accessible, right there at your tailgate.

The tailgate also helps your gear stay safe wherever you’re parked. A locked tailgate makes it impossible to get into your DECKED Drawer System, and the system itself locks as well, ensuring everything inside is out of sight and secure. Plus, the drawers are weatherproof, so whatever the outdoors throws at you, your gear inside will be in the same condition as when you set out on your journey. And on the way home you can pull right on through the car wash.  

By moving the floor of the truck bed up above the wheel arches, the DECKED system creates a totally flat surface across the entire width and length of your bed, optimizing its versatility for either sleeping or storing big items. Your gear remains accessible and organized, even with large equipment on top. Optional tie-downs are easy to install and let you secure loads of any size to the DECKED Drawer System’s top surface, which can support 2,000 pounds.

The DECKED Drawer System is made in the U.S. from 100 percent recycled materials, including high-density polyethylene, a virtually indestructible injection-molded composite DECKED reinforces with steel beams, meaning you don’t have to compromise durability for sustainability. It’s easy to assemble and install yourself and fits cargo vans as well as full-size and midsize trucks. You need only a handful of common hand tools (a couple of sockets and Allen wrenches) to put it together, and because it connects to your bed tie-downs there’s no drilling for anchors needed in most vehicles. The drawers run the full length of your bed and roll on the kind of polyurethane wheels you’d might find on Rollerblades. The wheels run into detents that can keep the drawers open even if you’re parked facing downhill. Between those drawers, a vertical rib that looks like a suspension bridge supports the center of the load platform. At each corner, you’ll find a robust HDPE tower doing the same. Those corner bins mean you get even more storage space for small items in each corner.

All that’s to say, the DECKED Drawer System helps you get the most out of your truck bed. Between its excellent organization features, the security it provides, and the payload-raising platform that lets you carry even the largest pieces of gear, you may even wonder how you ever got by without it.   

Based in Ketchum, ID with production facilities and manufacturing in Defiance, OH and St George, UT,  DECKED designs, engineers, and manufacturers storage and organization products for pickup trucks and cargo vans. Since 2014, DECKED has been passionately dedicated to making working and recreating out of trucks and vans more efficient, safe and convenient. To learn more visit, or call 208-806-0251.

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