This MANVINS Robot Vacuum and Mop Is $500 Off at Amazon

Keeping our homes clean is vital, but sometimes, we don’t have energy left after a long day. The right cleaning tools can make all the difference, though. That makes this 71% savings on this MANVINS Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo a huge get for any homeowner.

One thing that makes this MANVINS Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo such an excellent pickup for any homeowner is that it will clean the house for you. Once set up, you can start a cleaning run in the app or with a vocal command through an Alexa smart speaker. set it up via an app or vocal command to clean the floors. It will follow the route and perform the cleaning that is needed.


As the name implies, the MANVINS doesn’t just vacuum up the floors, but it’ll mop up too. The overall slim design makes it so it can get into every spot in the house. With up to 1,400pa of suction, this robot vacuum can handle rugs, hardwood, or tile the same and cleans in a zig-zag pattern.

Convenience can also be found in its long 100-minute runtime on a full charge. When the cleaning is done or if the battery needs a charge, it’ll return to the charging station automatically. All you’ll need to do is fill up the water tank and empty the dustbin.

At 71% off, MANVINS Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is a must-have. It can take some chores off your to-do list and let you focus on other stuff as it cleans.

Pick up the MANVINS Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo ($200; was $700) at Amazon


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