Triple 7 Sponsors Making it Possible to Educate the Future

Millions of Americans will count down the final 10 seconds of 2022 as the New Year’s Eve ball makes its annual descent. As 3,000 pounds of confetti blankets Time Square, the Triple 7 Expedition team will be 5,128 miles away in Punta Arenas, Chile. Like countless others, they’ll raise their glasses to celebrate the new year, but they’ll also be toasting the journey ahead, the fallen heroes they’re honoring, and the sponsors making it all possible.

When the team completes seven skydives on seven continents in seven days, they’ll set a record that may prove impossible to touch. But, with the current record standing at seven months, why hasn’t anyone attempted to break it since skydiving legends Jim Wigginton and the late Thomas J. Noonan III set it back in 2019? There are three reasons: it’s difficult, risky, and expensive. For a team of former Special Operators who’ve built careers on minimizing risk to accomplish the impossible, the third reason was the most significant obstacle.

Thankfully, companies stepped up after hearing about the team’s plan and the reason for their attempt. The Expedition is raising money to provide 1,400 scholarships to the families of our fallen and injured service members and first responders. With 100% of the donations going directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation, a 501(c)3, it will result in a more secure future for those who deserve it most.

None of this money covers airfare, fees, or other expenses associated with sending nine skydivers, a medical team, and a documentary crew around the world. So, it’s not a stretch or embellishment to say that without these sponsors, the Triple 7 Expedition would remain out of reach, and the education of 1,400 military families would remain uncertain.

We had the opportunity to catch up with a few of these great companies in early December at the final Triple 7 training camp.

Frog Fuel

Frog Fuel is a medical-grade collagen protein supplement developed by former United States Navy SEALs Alexander Kunz and Jeff Byers. In 2012, the business partners founded OP2 Labs and put together a team of leading medical professionals and chemists to create a ready-to-drink protein that was safe for everybody, tasted good, and was pure enough for the body to absorb in just 15 minutes.

After two years of research, scientific reviews, studies, and countless hours perfecting their formula, they released a clinically proven product versatile enough for everyone, from health-conscious individuals to elite U.S. Navy SEALs. The best part, each Frog Fuel liquid protein shot is a single fluid ounce and is free of fat, gluten, and lactose.

One of the first people we spoke with in Arizona was Aaron Saari, Frog Fuel’s chief marketing officer. The West Point graduate and former Army officer explained that the makers of the world’s most potent protein instantly knew they wanted to be the premiere sponsor of the Triple 7 Expedition. “As a veteran-owned company, there was just an immediate alignment,” said Saari. “The great thing about the veteran community is it’s like a little family that helps one another…and [Triple 7] is a great opportunity to raise money for Folds of Honor and get 1,400 scholarships to the families of veterans,” he added.

Peter M.D.

As North America’s largest online men’s health clinic, Peter M.D. believes getting older doesn’t mean settling for lower energy and less confidence. Simply put, “aging doesn’t have to be more difficult.” The veteran-owned company offers patients an effective, discreet, and personalized journey with physicians specializing in hormone and interventional endocrinology.

The founder, Dr. Brian Henry, said his primary function during the Expedition would be as a medical advisor and “helping the jump team function at an optimal level.” A former Marine, he understands the immense need surrounding the veteran community. “We came on [as sponsors] because we wanted to do our part to help those who’ve served,” said Henry. “There’s no better [way] to accomplish that than with [Triple 7],” he added.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) was founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer. His mission was simple: “Serve coffee and culture to people who love America.” Besides producing high-quality coffee, BRCC has built its success on a steadfast commitment to the veteran community.

While they’re sponsoring Triple 7, two members of their team are also part of the Expedition. Logan Stark, a former Marine Scout Sniper and BRCC’s vice president of media, and retired 75th Ranger Regiment operator Jariko Denman, the company’s senior media production manager. “When you think about the sacrifices made by those who protect this nation…you realize it’s our responsibility to take care of their families,” said Stark.

Ventus Respiratory Technologies

Not only does Ventus Respiratory help protect our military, law enforcement, and first responders, their top-of-the-line respirators enhance the effectiveness of those on the front lines by integrating state-of-the-art communication systems into their products.

The team at Ventus knows how significant the need is since burn pit-related illnesses have impacted countless veterans over the past two decades. “Ventus’ mission is protecting those who protect us,” said Clint Mayhue, the company’s chief technology officer. “Our partnership with Triple 7 and Folds of Honor is about [giving] back to them,” he added.


We’ve all seen smartwatches and wearable step counters—that’s not WHOOP. Instead, it’s a screenless physiological monitoring system. Kristen Holmes, the vice president of performance science at WHOOP, came out to the second training camp in Arizona. “What’s great about no watch face is that all the power goes into collecting [data]…which we transform into insight about your sleep, strain, and recovery,” explained Holmes.

WHOOP has tracked the Expedition team’s data in the months leading up to Triple 7. This baseline will allow them to determine how extreme strain impacts performance. The entire WHOOP team is excited about supporting the Expedition. “We feel privileged for the opportunity to have even a small part in making this a success,” said Holmes.

Arc’teryx LEAF

January in Antarctica is downright frigid; thankfully, the next sponsor will help the team stay warm. LEAF is the division of Arc’teryx that produces gear for law enforcement and military use. They’re the industry leader in technical apparel built to handle the harshest outdoor environments and give those using it a definite advantage.

Not only does their timeless quality and intuitive design result in unrivaled performance when it counts most, but the company also has a reputation for giving back to the veteran community. Now, this includes supporting the Triple 7 Expedition.


Since 1947, Salomon has helped its customers forge a deeper connection with nature by creating quality active gear that lets people focus on what they’re doing instead of what they’re wearing. As you can imagine, this longevity means they’ve built an impressive collection, including incredible extreme cold-weather boots. On that list is the Toundra Pro ClimaSalomon, which they’ve provided each member of the Expedition.

While the company says they “transform people into agents of positive change,” their support for Triple 7 and Folds of Honor shows its an agent of positive change.

Resco Instruments

Resco Instruments launched its line of watches in 2009 after many years of planning. While the Triple 7 sponsor feels watches are tools, it also believes in crafting them with aesthetics in mind. The company offers nine lines of quality timepieces, all adhering to a simple design principle: They must be “equally at home downrange as they are downtown.” Resco watches are popular with those in the military and first responders because they hold up but still turn heads. By sponsoring Triple 7, the company is giving back to both communities.

Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior Podcast With Mike Sarraille

Did you really think Men’s Journal and The Everyday Warrior Podcast would pass on an opportunity to help the families of fallen/disabled service members and first responders get the education they deserve? These partners are integral to setting the Triple 7 Expedition up for success, and the show’s host is one of the two retired U.S. Navy SEALs responsible for making this effort a reality.

Complete Parachute Solutions

Another sponsor integral to the Expedition’s success is Complete Parachute Solutions (CPS), which conducted both Triple 7 training camps at its facility in Coolidge, Arizona. The company provides tactical parachute equipment and training for special mission units and search/rescue teams worldwide. The founder of CPS, Fred Williams, is also a Triple 7 Expedition team member.

Parachutes for Patriots

Parachutes for Patriots is a 501(c)(3) that shows gratitude to veterans nationwide by inviting them and their families to DeLand, Florida, for a weekend of community, camaraderie, and adaptive skydiving. By supporting Triple 7, this nonprofit continues a proud history of supporting the veteran community.


ATTA is a lifestyle and mindset brand fueled by a passion for human performance and born out of the Everyday Warrior concept. Its approach to living inspires greatness, promotes balance, and encourages progress over perfection. The company’s high-quality, comfortable apparel line works as hard as the men and women wearing it because success doesn’t happen overnight. You must earn it. ATTA proudly supports the Triple 7 Expedition and is grateful to help the families of fallen and injured American heroes.

Fieldcraft Survival

Fieldcraft Survival’s mission is to teach people survival techniques and help them prepare for the worst-case scenario. They offer life-saving medical equipment, products to increase readiness, and training courses led by subject matter experts. The veteran-owned company is a proud sponsor of Triple 7.

Talent War Group

Talent War Group is a leadership development and executive search firm that specializes in helping clients foster a culture of success by optimizing its most valuable resource: its employees. The veteran-owned firm regularly supports the veteran community and was an early sponsor of the Triple 7 Expedition.

Cleared Hot with Andy Stumpf

The next sponsor, Cleared Hot with Andy Stumpf, is a popular podcast hosted by Andy Stumpf, one of the two retired U.S. Navy SEALs responsible for making Triple 7 a reality. According to Stumpf, he built the show on natural curiosity and his tendency to question everything, especially his own thoughts and beliefs. Stumpf has long supported the veteran community in various ways, including as a Triple 7 sponsor and jump team member.

Allegiance Flag Supply

There’s something about the phrase Made in America that you can’t help but love. Since 2018, the expert seamstresses of Allegiance Flag Supply have hand-sewn the company’s flags in Charleston, South Carolina. It just makes sense for such a patriotic company to support the families of American heroes—and that’s what they’re doing by sponsoring the Triple 7 Expedition.

Western Digital

Imagine breaking two world records and discovering that extreme weather conditions had destroyed most of the footage. Thankfully, that’s not a possibility since Western Digital stepped up to sponsor Triple 7. The documentary crew, led by famed director Dan Myrick, will use San Disk during the Expedition; this Western Digital brand is what professionals trust when capturing and protecting their work. They’re at the forefront of innovation, “making what was once impossible, possible.”

Help the Triple 7 Expedition team provide 1,400 scholarships for the families of America’s heroes by donating to Folds of Honor today. You can make your tax-deductible gift online or by texting Triple7 to 76278. Remember, 100 percent of your donation goes directly to Folds of Honor.

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