Volcon Brat: An E-Bike With a Cafe-Racer Attitude

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E-bikes have exploded on the cycling scene over the last several years. From top-tier brands people would recognize under Tour de France riders to startup companies making modular bikes for hectic lifestyles, everyone seems to be getting on board.

While power, speed, range, and features have become the lynchpins for most e-bike buyers, a sleek, stylish design still sits at the top of the list.

brat ebike
Volcon’s Brat is as close as an e-bike gets to a sporty cafe racer; (photo/Volcon)

A lot of e-bikes are so large and have tires fat enough that they feel more like motorcycles. But it’s not every day that a brand leans into the gray area separating the two with a bike that’s more cafe racer than pedal-pusher.

Volcon ePowersports of Round Rock, Texas, aims to do just that with its new Volcon Brat e-bike, designed for commutes and off-road ripping.

Volcon Brat: Pedal-Powered Cafe Racer

The Volcon Brat comes loaded with beefy 20 x 4.5-inch tires designed for rolling over chunky terrain, along with a 750W/1,200W max motor with a 30- to 70-plus-mile range depending on ride mode.

It has a max speed of 28 mph in off-road mode.

Volcon Brat
The Brat has a built-in LED light for hitting the road or trails when the sun goes down; (photo/Volcon)

But what sets the Brat apart from the competition isn’t just its tech specs — it’s also its unique design. At first glance, it’s easy to skip over the fact that this thing even has pedals.

The Brat was inspired by the classic look and feel of a cafe racer but is considered a Class II e-bike. It has full suspension and Volcon’s Exo-Arch frame, similar to the brand’s off-road electric motorcycle, the Grunt EVO. According to the brand, the combination of style and performance sets the Brat apart from other e-bikes as a platform for adventure, whether cruising through city streets, at the beach, or on local bike trails.

To keep the cafe-racer aesthetic consistent, the Brat has a 48V 15.6Ah removable battery with a locking feature mounted to the frame of the bike in about the same place you’d expect a motorcycle engine. It also has a large, powerful LED billet-style headlight up front that is a stark contrast to anything you’d expect to see on a traditional e-bike.

It also comes with a top attachment that mimics a gas tank but doubles as a lockable compartment to store all of your ride essentials.

With an inverted telescoping adjustable fork up front, the Brat promises to be smooth over pavement or dirt. The fork includes an easy-to-reach adjustment knob beneath the handlebar, which should make it easy to customize the feel of the ride on the fly as conditions change.

Display & Ride Modes

The Brat comes with an onboard 4-inch color display with Bluetooth connectivity and a D-pad. It displays battery level, speed, max speed, average speed, trip distance, and an odometer. It also includes a USB charger inside the locking “gas tank” storage area.

Volcon Brat ebike
The Volcon Brat has an unmistakable style that brings cafe-racer style; (photo/Volcon)

It has a single-speed drivetrain bolstered by four distinct ride modes. Mode 1 offers minimal assistance and maximum battery life. This feature kicks on the motor to offer pedaling assistance but does not engage the throttle. Mode 2 offers light power and throttled acceleration for urban commuting.

Mode 3 offers increased power and acceleration up to 20 mph and off-road mode. A twist of the throttle should get the bike up to speed quickly. Mode 4 also offers off-road mode and aims to deliver maximum power for leaving the pavement behind and hitting the trails.

To enable off-road mode and reach top speeds of 28 mph, riders have to sign a waiver in the Volcon app agreeing not to use off-road speeds in on-road environments.

More specs:

  • Weight: 86 lbs.
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc
  • Drivetrain: Single-speed, chain
  • Seat height: 30″

Volcon Brat Colors & Pricing

The Volcon Brat comes in two colors: black and blue. The black model includes all-black trim and accessories, while the blue comes with a tan seat and tan sidewall tires for some added flair. The blue model also comes with slightly raised and swept-back handlebars for a more comfortable cockpit.

Volcon brat e-bike
With wide wheels and dual suspension, the Volcon Brat is made to be just as comfortable off road as it is in the city; (photo/Volcon)

The Brat starts at an MSRP of $2,799 and has financing options through Affirm, along with free shipping. On Volcon’s website, customers can also add optional accessories including a phone mount, a gold drivetrain upgrade, a bottle cage, a combination lock, and red wheel liners.

While the Brat isn’t your typical e-bike by a long shot, it has a style all its own. For powersports aficionados who want to add pedal power into the mix, the Volcon Brat an option for an on- and off-road companion.

This article is sponsored by Volcon. Explore the website for more information on its e-powersports lineup.

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