Watch This Brown Bear Take Down an Adult Moose in Alaska

Brown bears aren’t exactly known for being the friendliest mammals in the forest. A moose crossing a river in Alaska learned the hard way just how bad things can get if you get in a bear’s way. 

Fishing guide Sam Vassar shared video on Instagram of a “once-in-a-lifetime occurrence” that happened right in front of him. He saw a brown bear chase a moose through a fast-moving river and observed as the encounter turned gory. 

“I wanna stay far enough away so I don’t scare the bear off,” Vassar tells a passenger as they watch the drama unfold. “Look, he’s got her!”

When the bear first caught sight of the moose, it began to bound through the water to try to chase the massive antlered animal down. The moose picked up speed and retreated to the shore, but the bear caught its behind and began biting its lower spine. 

The moose was able to escape back into the water, but the bear followed closely behind. Seeing his chance to get away, the moose attempted to make its escape, but the bear swiftly caught up and latched on to him. 

Finally, the two animals came face-to-face in the middle of the river. The moose stomped the bear underwater with its front legs and it appeared to have an advantage in the battle. But the bear went for the jugular, and once its strong jaw was around the moose’s neck, the fight was over pretty quickly. The video ends with a clip of the bear dragging the moose’s corpse onto dry land. 

Size isn’t everything, and Mother Nature is always full of surprises such as these. 

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