Weirdest Items Riders Left Behind in 2022

Hopefully, it never happens to you, but there’s a special kind of panic that comes when you realize you don’t have your wallet or your phone. And that dismay only grows when you realize that particular item is speeding away in the back of an Uber. That’s why the ride share company has a “Find lost item” selection on their phone app. It allows you to connect with your Uber driver and, hopefully, get that lost item back quickly. And, if you’re no longer in possession of your phone, you can also log into your account on a computer or a friend’s phone. It might be a cold comfort, but losing something in an Uber happens to a lot of people. So much so, that the company just released an Uber Lost & Found Index for 2022.

You can actually learn a bit from the Lost & Found Index. For example, you’re more likely to leave something behind on Saturdays and Sundays. As for the clock, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. seems to be the misplacing things happy hour. As for particular days in the last year, March 20 (on St. Patrick’s Day weekend) and July 4th ranked highest. Those particular dates might indicate alcohol usage playing a part in lost items, but we definitely don’t have a problem with drinking and Ubering.

The Lost & Found Index can also tell you that Austin, Texas is the city where the most people lose items in Ubers (for the second year in a row) while, no matter the city, day, or time, passengers are most likely to leave behind phones and cameras.

What’s trending in the Lost & Found

Along with the statistics, the Uber Lost & Found Index pointed to some growing lost item trends.

Jerseys: In 2022, more than 50 sports jerseys were left behind by fans of the Rangers, Warriors, Giants, Eagles, Dodgers, and more. Since none of those teams won a championship in the last year, this may have been intentional.

Car keys: Honda, BMW, and Jeep owners all lost their keys in an Uber, but Toyota drivers surpassed them all.

Big brands: People forgot Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Samsung, and Apple products, but Nike products led the way.

CPAP machines: Maybe It was lack of sleep, but more than 40 riders left machines that help combat sleep apnea.

Teeth and more: More than 30 people forgot retainers, more than 20 gold or diamond grills were mislaid, and 5 poor riders left dentures behind.

Musical instruments: Musicians have left behind flutes, drums, trombones, ukuleles, and more.

Of course, this is all interesting, but we want to know about the weird stuff. What were the odd things that people leave behind? Thankfully, it’s all in the Index. Here, in no order, are the 50 most unique items from Uber’s List & Found Index.

The 50 most unique lost items

50. A windmill

49. Ball gag and stethoscope

48. A dart that says “unleash the beast”

47. Burger and banana fridge magnets

46. 10 pounds of hamburger meat

45. Breast pump and a white cowboy hat

44. “Paw Patrol” blanket

43. Spray tan machine

42. A single blonde strand of hair

Brown tortoise 
Studio Empreinte

41. Brown tortoise

40. A wig and a cloth

39. Small rhino sculpture

38. A bucket of slime

37. Loose pear-shaped diamond. $1,000 reward if found!

36. Diamond grill

35. Dream catcher and a deck of tarot cards

34. A power washing machine and a wooden carved fish

33. Two pairs of snorkeling goggles and a passport from China

Tube for chugging drinks.
Courtesy image

32. Tube for chugging drinks. “Very expensive.”

31. Urn with pet ashes and urn of family member

30. 17 flowers and 3 milk teas

29. Antique walking cane with a sword

28. A piece of a broom

27. Painting of Kung Fu Panda and pink air pump shaped as a pig

26. Metal leg

25. Part of a soft serve ice cream machine

24. Star Wars Yoda headband and Darth Vader helmet

23. Toy airplane

A crochet strawberry
Courtesy image

22. “A crochet strawberry my girlfriend made me. It means a lot to me.”

21. Harmonica

20. Bernie Sanders fanny pack

19. 40 chicken nuggets

18. Breathalyzer

Employee of the Month plaque 
Courtesy image

17. 6 pool drains and an Employee of the Month plaque

16. A Billie Eilish ukulele

15. Pie

14. Unicorn Band-Aid box

Pizza costume
Courtesy image

13. Pizza costume

12. Supreme underwear

11. A grass cutter and tree trimmer

“Life is tough but so are you” blanket
Courtesy image

10. “Life is tough but so are you” blanket

9. Cat litter and a reptile heating bulb

8. A Buddha locket

7. “My grandma’s teeth”

6. 500 grams of caviar

Foldable unicorn kid chair 
Courtesy image

5. Foldable unicorn kid chair

4. “A shitty painting of a moose”

3. “It’s Boba Time” apron


Tater tots
P Maxwell Photography


Some tater tots

1. “My fingernail is on the seat”

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