You Can Still See the NBA Finals Live With Stubhub

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It is that time of the year, folks. June is here, and all sports fans are abuzz with the big championship series upon us. The NBA Finals have started, and it will surely be a barn burner this year.

In one corner, you have the number 1 seed in the West, the Denver Nuggets, and in the other corner, you have the number 8 seed in the East, the Miami Heat. It’s certainly a series you’re going to want to see in person, and if you’re after tickets, StubHub can be a big help.

Whether you want to see a live show, be it music or sports, and picking up tickets directly from Ticketmaster is not possible, StubHub is the place to go. Plenty of people are likely going to be selling off tickets, which means you can still grab some. While the NBA Finals have been a big ticket, you can bet that there are still plenty of tickets available for each game, with tickets ranging from around $500 to upwards of $52,000 if you’re looking to really get up close and personal. They may cost some money, but it’s worth it for the experience.

  • NBA Finals Game 1: Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets
  • NBA Finals Game 2: Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets
  • NBA Finals Game 3: Denver Nuggets at Miami Heat
  • NBA Finals Game 4: Denver Nuggets at Miami Heat
  • NBA Finals Game 5 (If Necessary): Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets
  • NBA Finals Game 6 (If Necessary): Denver Nuggets at Miami Heat
  • NBA Finals Game 7 (If Necessary): Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets


The experience, in this case, is twofold. For one, you get to see an NBA Finals game. An NBA Finals that is like a real-life David and Goliath story, with the unstoppable Nuggets and their real-life Goliath Nikola Jokic going up against Miami and their slingshot-wielding David, Jimmy Butler, aka Playoff Jimmy, aka Jimmy Buckets. While Orlando may not be in the Finals, there will undoubtedly be some magic during this set.

The second reason that makes this experience worth the cost is the locales. Depending on which game in the series you want to go to, you will either be spending time in Denver or Miami. These are two gorgeous cities with plenty to see and do, but each town offers a vastly different experience. Before and after the game, you can explore the area with all the other fans enjoying the series.

Seeing basketball in person is one of the best experiences in sports, but going to a playoff or championship game is something special. The energy is going to be off the charts, and with this series offering up such a dramatic narrative, this should be one for the ages.

So head over to StubHub now and plan a little trip to the Rocky Mountains of Denver or the beach

Pick up your tickets to the NBA Finals today!


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