Your Life on the Go is Much Better With This Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag in Tow

Looking for a new bag for your life on the go? Then pick up this Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag from Huckberry.

With the weather warming up, it’s going to be a lot easier to travel. Hit the trails or hop on a plane for a nice vacation. Even commuting to work is gonna be much easier. You can walk to work if you’re close enough. What we’re getting at is that it will be much easier to go outside than stay in the house. And if you want to do more outdoor activities this spring and summer, then you should pick up the Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag from Huckberry.

The Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag is going to make life so much easier for you when you leave the house. For one, it is a very spacious bag for something that can be carried onto a plane. As the name subtly implies, it has a 30-liter capacity for storage. That oughta give you plenty of room to work with for a trip. And despite the amount of room it provides, it can still fit in an overhead storage space.


With all that space comes a good amount of organizational capabilities. You get plenty of pockets in there to work with so you can carefully store things in a way to maximize your space. There’s even a pocket for a laptop of up to 15″ to be safely stored. With all that stuff packed into that Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag, the comfortably padded shoulder straps make it easy for you to carry it about. And if that’s too much for you, there are top and side handles to grab onto.

All of that in an incredibly durable package. You get a bag with a body that is made from very strong recycled nylon with a ballistic nylon base. That will keep your stuff safe when you’re transporting it. You won’t have to worry about it breaking down on you on a trip out of the house. Which is good to know, since it comes with vertical daisy chain webbing so you can attach extra gear to it. Wouldn’t wanna do that with something cheap and flimsy. 

When you need some good gear for outdoor activities, be it a camping trip or a simple commute to work, Huckberry has you covered. This Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag is a good example of that. A very durable and spacious bag that can be used with ease for any trip out of the house. All at a price that isn’t too bad for this kind of long-term investment. You won’t regret having this in your life.

Get It: Pick up the Topo Designs 30L Global Travel Bag ($199) at Huckberry


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